upcoming events & UPDATES

GOING DEEPER IN THE WORD SERIES has resumed.  Join us as we continue our walk through the life and times of biblical characters King David and Apostle Paul.  This series is being presented by Bishop Best.  Please join us every Saturday, at 6 pm and Sundays, at 7 am, 9 am, 11 am and 6 pm.  The series is aired on our YouTube LIVE CHANNEL.. Again, join us as we go deeper in the Word that our minds may be renewed and that we may receive greater revelation!
Our first Bible Institute classes have ended.  Bishop Best is teaching on Digital Discipleship every Wednesday at 6:45 pm.  Be sure to mark your calendars as we prepare to move from social media to social ministry.  Great insight will be shared as we prepare and learn how we are to disciple during the digital age.


weekly 6 am prayer call 

We invite you to continue to join us for our 6am Prayer Calls every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  
  • NEW PRAYER CALL INFORMATION -  The prayer call numbers are as follows:
  • New Dial-In Number: (716) 427-1060
  • New Playback Number: (857) 357-0208
  • Access Code: 681968.  The access code will remain the same.


TNT with BB at 8:30 pm , that’s TUESDAY NIGHT TALK on with Bishop Best.  Join us for thought provoking candid discussions at The Voice Church Virtual on Facebook Live @thevoicechurchmd.


BEST MOMENTS” Every Thursday we invite you to join Bishop Best.   He will share words that will encourage, words of wisdom and cause you to reflect and so much more!  Remember any help is good but the right help is BESTJoin The Voice Church Virtual on Facebook Live @thevoicechurchmd.

saturday food drive

In our effort to help build our community, we are serving hot meals every Saturday from 11 am to 12 noon to those in need.  If you or anyone you know is in need of a hot meal, please sign up on this website by clicking the flier to the right and complete the form or you may contact us at  301-776-2117.

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