Who We Are

The Voice Church

Spreading the Love of God’s Word and Speaking Life Into Our Community

We greet you and would love to take a moment to share some information with you. We are a Christ centered, Bible based, and Spirit led non-denominational church. We believe the entire Bible to be Gods Holy Word and inspired plan for mankind. As such, it is our goal to allow God to mold us into the image of Christ through our vertical relationship with Him, and through our horizontal relationship with each other. Everything God has ever done, is doing or will do, He uses His voice to do it. Since He has made us in His image, we are also able to use our voices to accomplish destiny! When we decide to use our voice, individually and/or collectively, there is so much life and love that we can experience; making this world to conform to His will being done…on earth, as it is in Heaven! Please connect with us, reach out to us, visit with us, join with us in using our voice to spread the love of Gods Word and to speak life into our community!

The Voice Church is covered by and connected with Worship World Churches International Fellowship (WWCIF) under the leadership of Bishop William Andrew Best, Jr.; Where we are: Using our Voice to Spread the Love of God’s Word and Speak Life in Our Community

Our Core Values are:


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